Little River Health Technologies LLC is comprised of two companies: InTerra Nutraceuticals and Advanced Protein Solutions. Both companies proudly utilize patented indigenous formulations and trade secrets to promote healthy lifestyles and healing.

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 InTerra specifically unifies a harmony between science and nature. Mother Earth provides the natural ingredients. InTerra concentrates Tart Cherry, Natural Emu Oil and Omega 3-6-9 into our powerful, proprietary, patented Formula. InTerra. Harmony between science and nature. Click the button below for more information about this innovative company and its products.

The Little River Holdings purchased Plevalean with its all-natural formulations that fit within the indigenous food movement.  The formulations were improved and the company was rebranded as APS. APS formulations are incorporated into protein products that provide nutritional benefits to the finished product. We encourage everyone to visit the company online below.